Take Control of the Last 5 Years of Your Career so you may Retire in Style Anytime You Want and say “Good Bye” to Age Discrimination!

 The Age Advantage Course


  • Ensure your financial security

  • Finding work you actually get excited about

  • Uncover opportunities that seek out older workers

  • Create an ageism-proof resume

  • Employ networking techniques for 50+ job seekers

Double the Speed of Your Success

The course will show you how to cut your job search time in half, making it easier to find meaningful work, with much less effort and stress.

Combat Age Discrimination

Learn real strategies for combating age discrimination in your job search. Turn your age into an asset, not a liability.


Life happens. And you might want to take your time going through this course, or you may want to go through it in a day. It’s up to you.

Proven Formula

The skills it takes to find a job are not the same skills to do the job. The course will give you the skills you need to take back control of your job search, and manage it like a pro.

If You’re Over 50, You ARE Being Discriminated Against in Your Job Search!

Maybe you had an experience similar to John, age 62. John was perfectly qualified for the accounting role he just interviewed for. His interviewers seemed half his age. He thought the interview went well. But a week later, the rejection letter came in the mail. Why. He had a suspicion it was because of his age. Sound familiar?

Let me show you how you can turn your age into an advantage with The Age Advantage coaching course.

The EEOC reports an all time high or age discrimination complaints over all previous periods. We are facing an epidemic!

You are NOT alone. Read what these Career Enlightenment readers say about their own experience with agism:

wayneAny guidelines for those of us over 50? Yes I know there is no age discrimination out there because that would be illegal! Wayne

I can not seem to get going and my concern is age. Everyone I know who is over 50 is having a terrible time finding something.Patricia Patricia

rustyThe one thing I am struggling with is ageism. I believe either my resume or linkedin profile might date me and reduce my chances. Rusty

PeterI am struggling with the fact that I am turning 50 next week and am out of a job for several months. Even for jobs that seem like the perfect fit, I am not even getting a response. Since I need a job soon to pay my bills, I cannot be picky. Peter

LindaI am trying to find a better-paying job in private industry but am having difficulty convincing companies that I still have at least 5 years of solid work ahead of me. Linda

Course Outline

The Age Advantage
Module 1 The Mental Mindset
Unit 1 Welcome to The Age Advantage Course
Unit 2 The Mental Mindset Coaching Call
Module 2 Networking for the Mature Job Seeker
Unit 1 Networking for the Mature Job Seeker Coaching Call
Module 3 Winning Resume Tactics for Experienced Professionals
Unit 1 Winning Resume Tactics Coaching Call
Module 4 Using LinkedIn to Uncover the Hidden Job Market
Unit 1 Uncover the Hidden Job Market Coaching Call
Module 5 Job Interview Tips for Acing Your Younger Competition
Unit 1 Managing the Job Interview Coaching Call
Module 6 Social Media and Age Perception in Today's Career
Unit 1 Social Media & Age Perception Lesson
Unit 2 Exit Survey
Module 7 Bonus Materials
Unit 1 Bonus Materials

Meet Your Instructors

Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies and founder of the award winning CareerEnlightenment.com blog, has been teaching baby boomer audiences how to look amazing online since 2009. His insights, advice and books have helped thousands of mature workers regain control over their careers and find meaningful work.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford specializes in helping Baby Boomer job seekers uncover the vast opportunities found in the hidden job market. As an internationally certified resume writer and career coach of 17 years, she holds the keys to finding meaningful work for 50+ professionals. You can read her Forbes top ranked career blog here.

What THESE Mature Job Seekers are Saying About Mary Elizabeth

After working with Mary Elizabeth, I secured a position that met my goals and increased my bonus structure over 80%! Mary Elizabeth is not only an expert career coach, she is also a person with high integrity, compassion and very motivational. I believe her greatest asset is her drive to make her clients successful.

Charles K., CFO, MO

I didn’t think it was possible to come out of nearly 10 years of retirement and secure the same level position I had before with a top technology company. After you designed a new resume for me, I was able to secure a 6 figure position with great benefits and I did it in just a few weeks! I had serious doubts that this kind of success was possible in this economy!

Linda H., Executive, TX

I had been sending my resume out with ZERO response for 6 months before you ‘talked me into’ investing in your professional resume package. In the first week of submitting my new resume to the SAME companies I had previously sent my resume to – I landed 3 interviews and I presently have an offer on the table for nearly double my previous salary. That is a $70,000 pay increase and 5000% ROI on my investment in myself and my career. Awesome!

Russel B., Construction Executive, TN

After completing “The Age Advantage Course”, you will know

  • What to do if you are a discouraged job seeker who has been searching without success up until now

  • How to structure your resume to get interviews for jobs that you are perfectly suited for

  • How to minimize possible age discrimination in your job search

  • How to pursue other industries and easily focus a wide breadth of expertise or multiple skills and abilities across several departments, roles or industries

  • How to effectively market yourself if you are a generalist

  • How to understand and apply your personal branding online

  • How to overcome other liabilities such as long job search, lapses in employment, layoffs, fired and more

  • Tips for specialized conditions such as only wishing to work for 3-4 more years

Graduates of “The Age Advantage” say

Bill GreuenerGreat course, well worth the $197! You must work the course; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed. Give yourself plenty of time. Joshua delivers what he promises.

The Age Advantage course helps me/us understand that I/we must change my/our mental mindset and remove the age discrimination that exists in the mind. Joshua provides examples and checklists to help reduce those fears.

Modules 5 and 6 are for Baby Boomers. There’s plenty of good information such as action words for resumes, resume templates, lists of up-to-date websites: Grovo and “The Best Online Resources and Articles for 50+ Job Seekers.”

Bill Gruener, Technical Writer, Midcoast Maine

Jana Esler

The Age Advantage is an excellent course for individuals reentering the workforce as well as those that have not looked for a new job or many years.  The course walks you through all the critical steps to a job search providing the current tools and guidance to compete in today’s job market.  I highly recommend this course.

Networking in general may be difficult.  But the tips provided on how to reach out to a stranger, what to highlight, say or ask makes this step seem straight forward and easy.

Modules five and six were the most helpful.  In my mind, they are the heart of a job search.  Knowing how to utilize new and maximize your current social media accounts is key to reaching people.  Ultimately people hire people.   Thus being prepared to communicate your strengths and value in an interview are critical to becoming employed.


Jana Esler, MBA Global Product Management and Marketing

I found the courseGary Mukowski insightful and motivating and a great primer for anyone who has been out of the job search market for a while.  A lot has changed and this course does a good job of giving you the tools to confidently bring yourself up to speed.


Gary Makowski, Global Sales & Operations Executive

win dealThis program is excellent. Focused and thorough, it covers all the necessary areas of understanding required for a “boomer” to reach the next level of engagement in the job force. I consider anyone over the age of 50 a “classic” as in 1964 Ford Mustang. The advantage is that we ” boomers” have much valuable experience and expertise to share with following generations. While nothing is perfect, this is good and extremely valuable stuff.

Winfred Deal, Managing Partner

The Age Advantage program is well organized and thorough. Walter HartfordI wish I had found it last summer when I was in the midst of a job search and I will be recommending it to people that I know who are looking.
It is a great resource to help focus a search with extra emphasis on challenges faced by experienced job seekers. It highlights some areas (ex. Social Media & LinkedIn) that may not be a strength for the experienced job seeker.
I spent much more over the summer on similar, less complete programs. I will be reviewing it again and again as I stay pro-actively in control of my career plans.

Walter Hartford, Sales and Business Development Lead in Financial Services

The Age Advantage: 6 Module Audio Course Just for Boomers!

What’s Inside “The Age Advantage” Course

Each Modules Comes With


  • 40 minute coaching audio lesson

  • Transcript

  • Downloadable checklist

  • Activities

  • Bonus resources

  • Documents

  • Homework

  • And more…

Module 1: Mental Mindset


The single most important thing you MUST understand and have down BEFORE you begin your career transition


You will learn how other 50+ career professionals successfully dialed in their mindset to achieve their goals – very specific tips and the three components they were crystal clear on – which gave them a distinct edge


Insider secrets derived from working with thousands of 50+ job seekers: how to determine if you are setting yourself up for success or failure.

Module 2: Networking Tactics


The #1 BEST way to network for the mature job seeker


Why you should NEVER ask who is hiring or hand your friends your resume and ask for help


The 4 TOP ways to network


Step by step instructional handouts with phone scripts for over a dozen “networking” situations!

Module 3: Resume Tactics

The one thing you must know before you begin to write your resume


Tips the pros use when they professionally design your resume


What to put in/leave out of your resume that can make or break you landing an interview


Secrets to creating amazing quantifiable accomplishments– this is specifically for those who insist they don’t have any!.


How to get amazing testimonials and endorsements and how to use them in your resume

Module 4: Online Tactics


Learn the best 50+ online resources


LinkedIn techniques to pull job opportunities to you


Free Online Resources to tap into the 85% of jobs that will never be advertised on job boards – the hidden job market


How to set up your free “virtual secretary” to do the work for you and save you tons of time

Module 5: Job Interview Tactics


The single most important question you can ask in an interview


The two things you MUST ask at the end of each interview


Multiple Scripts to make answering money questions and questions like, “why should we hire you” a breeze.


Exactly what to say if you are coming off a long job search, out of retirement, changing industries or seeking a lower or higher level position

Module 6: Social Media for Boomer Job Seekers

Learn how to use social media to dispel age related stereotypes


Understand how to find key contacts using Facebook and Twitter


Find your digital voice and use it to show what makes you unique


Simply social media use with this 20 minute ritual


Get resources to help you when you get stuck

You’ll Also Get THESE FREE Bonuses…because…

You will also get FREE access to:

  • 50 Vital Tips for Job Seekers Over 50
  • A list of the top websites and articles for Boomers
  • How to Protect Your Privacy During an Executive Job Search
  • Phone networking secrets revealed
  • Step by step guide to information interviews
  • Executive resume tips for Baby Boomers
  • Hundreds of resume keywords
  • 6 executive resume templates
  • Hidden job market secrets
  • Pre-interview checklist
  • Overcoming liabilities in an interview
  • Much more…

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that The Age Advantage will help your job search that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason The Age Advantage Course does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund your money. Give it a try…

You have nothing to lose!

Don’t Sign Up for This Course if You Want to Continue to Struggle to Find Work

You have a choice.

You can either be a victim of age discrimination, suffer frustration and worry about your financial future…

Or you can proactively take steps to prevent ageism from ever happening to you again, ensure a line up of great job opportunities and never worry about how you’re going to pay for your retirement again.

Do nothing and be a victim.


Take action, and take back control of your financial future.

Be warned. Now that you know you have a choice, you can’t blame age discrimination ever again.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results” -Albert Eistein

So try something different.

End your job search anxiety and sign up for “The Age Advantage” coaching course now!

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