This is the Online Learning Portion of Your Live Workforce Social Media Training

Job Seeker Success with Social Media


  • Build an employer-attracting personal brand

  • Make your online self look amazing

  • Learn how to network online like a champ

  • Feel confident reaching out to international executives for meetings

Double the Speed of Your Success

The course will show you how to cut your job search time in half, making it easier to find meaningful work, with much less effort and stress.


Life happens. And you might want to take your time going through this course, or you may want to go through it in a day. It’s up to you.

Proven Formula

The skills it takes to find a job are not the same skills to do the job. The course will give you the skills you need to take back control of your job search, and manage it like a pro.

Meet Your Instructor

Joshua Waldman

Joshua Waldman

Hi! I’m Joshua Waldman, author of “Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies” and founder of the award winning blog.

I’ve worked internationally for almost my whole career, starting with teaching at an international school in Kobe Japan, to selling solar panels in Kathmandu, Nepal.

As an international MBA, I used LinkedIn to set up meetings with top executives in China, Vietnam and London. I’d like to show you how to do it too.

What’s Inside the Course

Job Seeker Success with Social Media Online Portal
If you are taking Job Seeker Success with Social Media at your employment center, this online portal will help support your learning the technologies and concepts we went over in class together.
Module 1 An Introduction to this Online Portal
Learn how to use this online portal.
Unit 1 Your Social Media Curriculum
Module 2 Introduction to Social Media for Job Search
Learn the realities of today's job search and why social media is an essential skill for your career success.
Unit 1 A Short History of Social Media
Unit 2 Social Media is Changing the Hiring Process
Unit 3 A Note on Privacy
Module 3 Personal Branding
Knowing your brand, along with the needs of the hiring organization, enables you to position yourself as a highly relevant job candidate.
Unit 1 Personal Branding
Unit 2 Assess Your Values
Unit 3 Build a List of Your Top 5 Target Organizations
Unit 4 The ABCs of Your Online Reputation
Module 4 LinkedIn Essentials
What is LinkedIn? How do I set up an account? Where do I go for more help? Learn the answers to these and more here.
Unit 1 Using LinkedIn for Job Search
Unit 2 LinkedIn Basics
Unit 3 Creating Your LinkedIn Profile
Unit 4 Advanced Profile Configurations
Unit 5 Making More LinkedIn Connections
Unit 6 Using LinkedIn Groups
Module 5 Facebook Fundamentals
Facebook for your career. Absolutely. Learn how to turn your friends and family into your most valuable referral sources.
Unit 1 Facebook Fundamentals
Unit 2 Using Facebook in Job Search
Unit 3 Managing Your Privacy on Facebook
Module 6 Welcome to the Twitter-verse
Twitter might be the missing link to you find a job, after all, its the world only real-time job board. Learn the basics here.
Unit 1 Using Twitter for Job Search
Unit 2 Twitter Essentials
Unit 3 Finding People to Follow on Twitter
Unit 4 Interacting on Twitter
Unit 5 How #Hashtags Can Help Job Seekers
Module 7 Uncover the Hidden Job Market with F.I.R.E.
The FIRE method, gives job seekers with a LinkedIn account a proactive way to find target organizations, network into them and find job interviews fast, regardless if jobs are posted or not.
Unit 1 The FIRE Method
Unit 2 Find Companies You Want to Target
Unit 3 Identify Needs at Your Target Companies
Unit 4 Reach Out for More Information and Networking
Unit 5 Engage the Decision Maker
Module 8 Additional Social Media Job Search Resources
Find bonus courses, videos and resources here.
Unit 1 Additional Online Resources